• The Rebel Heart Tour Setlist

    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Final Setlist
     Bitch I'm Madonna
    Burning Up
    Holy Water
    Holy Water (part 2)
    Devil Pray

    Messiah Interlude

    Body Shop
    True Blue
    Deeper & Deeper
    Love Don't Live Here Anymore
    Like A Virgin

    S.E.X. / Justify My Love Interlude

    Living For Love
    La Isla Bonita
    Dress You Up
    Into The Groove / Everybody / Lucky Star Medley
    Who's That Girl
    Rebel Heart

    Illuminati Interlude

    Music (Get Stupid)
    Candy Shop
    Material Girl
    La Vie En Rose
    Unapologetic Bitch
    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Setlist U6
    UPDATE #06
    Rehearsals going on in Montreal, and fans can heard some songs, such as HeartBreakCity, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Material Girl, La Vie En Rose, Holiday,...


    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Setlist U5
    UPDATE #05

    The show is divided into 4 main acts or section : "Sex & Religion" as opening one, "Annees Folles", "Frida Khalo - Gipsy" and "Dance Party" as final one.

    According to Madonna's Instagram post yesterday, Candy Shop will be part of the "Annees Folles / Cabaret" theme.

    Hold Tight should finally be included into the final setlist, as part of the first section of the show. Somes say it could be an interlude only.

    According to News-of-Madonna, the show will end with Holiday and not with Bitch I'm Madonna!

    Body Shop / La Vie en Rose will be played by Madonna with a Ukulele.

    True Blue strongly rumored to be included into the "cabaret" inspiration act.

    Keep in mind that for the most part, it all remains rumors !


    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Setlist U4
    UPDATE #04

    A full rumored final setlist have is now invading the web, including Unapologetic Bitch, Don't Tell Me, Like A Virgin, Justify My Love, Heartbreak City and Take A Bow, among others songs already rumored!

    Keep in mind that for the most part, it all remains rumors ! 9 days left to the Tour opening night in Montreal !


    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Setlist U3
    UPDATE #03

    Joan Of Arc & Devil Pray, from 2015's Rebel Heart album, will probably be included into the first section of the show.

    The song Love Don't Live Here Anymore, from Like A Virgin album, is said to be definitely included into the final setlist.


    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Setlist U2
    UPDATE #02
    Candy Shop (Hard Candy, 2008) and Everybody (Madonna, 1982), are now said to be included into the final show's setlist.
    Candy Shop, already sung twice (Sticky and Sweet Tour 2008-2009 and MDNA Tour 2012) could be rearranged into a drums and percussions version, as a similar version has been shown into the MDNA Tour rehearsals and behind the scenes documentary. At that time, the song was played buy Kalakan from Basque Country, before been moved into the "Masculine/Feminine" section of the final setlst.
    Everybody had also been sung twice on tour, even if it's Madonna first single ever! She played it both on Virgin Tour 1985 and Girlie Show 1993 as final song of the show. She planned to sing it during her 2005's Confessions Tour, but finally replaced it by "La Isla Bonita" in the Disco section of the show. This song might be included into a final "Dance Party" section of the Rebel Heart Tour show, as well as Holiday, Girl Gone Wild and her 3rd single off Rebel Heart album, Bitch I'm Madonna!
    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Setlist U1

    UPDATE #01
    La Vie En Rose, one of the most famous french songs by Edith Piaf, could be reorchestrated with Body Shop instrumentals.
    Between The Bars could finally be the introduction of Ghosttown, and the first section of the show might end with a dance & video interlude with the song S.E.X., off Rebel Heart album. Dancers acting in beds on stage while Madonna "teaching how to F***" on screens!
    Vogue might be part of the first section, mixing sex and religion.
    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Setlist
    According to most recent revelations, informations and strong rumors, the setlist for Rebel Heart Tour, which will begin in 30 days, starts to get clearer !
    - We know almost for sure that Iconic will be the opening song.
    - An hispanic theme will be played, including Dress You Up, La Isla Bonita, Rebel Heart & Living For Love, among others.
    - Music might be included into a Charleston/Music Hall/Années 30s theme, as well as cover of La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf.
    - Ghosttown, Bitch I'm Madonna, Devil Pray, Holy Water, Vogue, or Holiday are "confirmed". But things can change in a month!
    Stay tuned for updates !
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