• Rebel Heart Tour - Fanmade Anticipated Studio Versions

    Rebel Heart Tour - Fanmade Anticipated Studio Versions
    Less than 100 days prior Madonna' new tour - Rebel Heart Tour - launch in Montreal on September 9th, fans are already thinking about the show's setlist, trying to guess which songs off "Rebel Heart" will be included, and which from her huge back catalogue will too, such as Holiday, La Isla Bonita, Secret, Frozen, Music and so on.
    Madonna fans creativity is unlimited, they imagine so many things such as artworks, paintings, drawings, poems, videos,or remixes... Here are some "remixes", fanmade tracks, which can be considered as antcipated fanmade studio version of some songs and performances that could be included into the Rebel Heart Tour Show :
    Intro + Illuminati [NEW]
    Intro + Iconic [NEW]
    Intro + Living For Love [NEW]
    Music + Impressive Instant
    Holy Water
    Wash All Over Me + Rain
    I Want You + Inside Out
    Holiday [NEW]
    Take A Bow [NEW]
    Into The Groove [NEW]
    Download those versions now with full CD artwork
    designed for Madonnalex.com & Rebel-Heart-Tour.kazeo.com :
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  • Commentaires

    Lundi 3 Août 2015 à 18:16
    Thank you for sharing your creativity! We're all keen on seeing her onstage!
    Dimanche 6 Septembre 2015 à 18:24
    hi ! all your fan-made albums are amazing! but.. please.. you can post this in zippyshare? :D
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