• Madonna teases Rebel Heart Tour Film and Tears Of A Clown inclusion

    Madonna Tears Of A Clown

    The film is gonna be released this fall !

    Madonna is now teasing a lot about her upcoming Rebel Heart Tour Film.

    A first raw promo video filmed on screen give us a sneak peek of what it will be :


    And now the Queen Of Pop just talked about the Rebel Heart Tour Special and Unique show in Melbourne called "Tears Of A Clown" : rumored to be included into the Film DVD/Blu-Ray for a wilde, then apparently abandoned, the Queen herself puts it back in the story by annuncing it as "coming soon". For sure, the Tears Of A Clown Special should be included as bonus of the DVD/Bluu-Ray film, as well as a "Behind The Scene" documentary !


    Stay tuned for more !

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