• Madonna's Interview for EW by Andy Cohen

    Nuns on stripper poles! Stage baes! And her grillz!
    Andy Cohen gets the scoop on his favorite pop star's upcoming Rebel Heart Trek.


    EW August 2015 1
    Madonna gave an interview a few days ago to Andy Cohen about her upcoming road trip accross North American, Europe, Océania & South Asia ! Among others, the Queen Of Pop confirms nuns on stripper poles, super-hits Who's That Girl, Dress You Up & Holiday, as well as Vogue. She also says she loves Illuminati & Holy Water off her latest album. Probably to be included into the show too !
    Read more through those scans (click to enlarge):
    EW August 2015 2EW August 2015 3
    EW August 2015 4EW August 2015 5
    EW August 2015 6
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