• 2016 01 06 - Mexico DF, Mexico

    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Mexico 1
    What happened on stage ?

    For her first Rebel Heart Tour show of 2016, and the first show of its 3rd leg (back in America!), Madonna choosed Mexico where she will stay for 2 shows ! She and her huge team arrived on Monday 4th to rehearse and get ready for the new tour !

    During a speech to thank all her fans in Latin-America, Madonna sudainly cried, obvisouly in reference to her recent family problems (it is said in press that her son Rocco turns his back to her mom). "We all go through challenges in our lives. Right now is one of them for me." Deeply sad and clearly torned by her son's teenage reaction, she cannot maintain her tears.


    The full show was in tribute to Frida Kahlo, for sure one of Madonna's very prefered artist and painter of all time, who were Mexican. The Kahlos-inspired Dress You Up Medley & Latin section's outfit was huge tribute with big impact on the audience ! During Unapologetic Bitch, a fan jump on stage with a Kalho look-alike stype. Madonna and one of her dancers wore a shirt with Frida's face on it !

    Montserrat Oliver‬, one of most famous mexican model, actress and tv presenter, was in the audience this night!

    Unapologetic Bitch
    A fan in a Frida Kahlo style
    Opening Act
    Palacio de Desportes, Mexico DF, Mexico
    Bitch I'm Madonna
    Burning Up
    Holy Water / Vogue
    Devil Pray
    Messiah Interlude

    Body Shop
    True Blue
    Deeper & Deeper
    Like A Virgin
    S.E.X. Interlude

    Living For Love
    La Isla Bonita
    Dress You Up Medley
    Who's That Girl
    Rebel Heart
    Illuminati Interlude

    Music (Get Stupid)
    Candy Shop
    Material Girl
    La Vie En Rose
    Unapologetic Bitch




    La Isla Bonita

    Spanky Punishment

    Speech + Rebel Heart

    Unapologetic Bitch

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