• 2015 09 09 - Montreal, Centre Bell

    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Montreal Medias
    Madonna litteraly kicked of her Rebel Heart Tour yesterday in Montreal's Centre Bell, Canada, with an amazing and breathetaking 2-hours non-stop show with a massive avalanche of oldies and greatest hits, including Burning Up, Holiday, Material Girl, Deeper & Deeper, Vogue, Like A Virgin, True Blue & so on. But also new songs from her last album Rebel Heart, among while Living For Love, Holy Water, Iconic, HeartBreakCity and Bitch I'm Madonna. Ghosttown is for sure the most missing piece.
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     Bitch I'm Madonna
    Burning Up
    Holy Water

    Devil Pray

    Messiah Interlude

    Body Shop
    True Blue
    Deeper & Deeper
    Like A Virgin

    S.E.X. / Justify My Love Interlude

    Living For Love
    La Isla Bonita
    Dress You Up
    Into The Groove / Everybody / Lucky Star Mash-up
    Who's That Girl
    Rebel Heart

    Illuminati Interlude

    Music (Get Stupid)
    Candy Shop
    Material Girl

    La Vie En Rose
    Unapologetic Bitch
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